OTP Training for Erlang Programmers

Robert Virding

2024-10-16 - 2024-10-18

innoQ, Ohlauer Str. 43


OTP is the middleware, libraries and tools used to design and architect Erlang systems. This OTP course covers the main principles, including process design patterns, supervisors, applications and release handling. It will give you the ability to develop and architect Erlang systems. To enroll in this intermediate course, you should must be using Erlang in production for at least 2 years.

Format 3-day in-person training

Training objectives: The objectives of this OTP training course is to provide a thorough understanding of OTP’s core design principles and key behaviours like gen_server and gen_event. You will learn how to configure OTP systems, including supervision trees and environments, ensuring scalability and resilience. The course also aims to raise awareness of various OTP applications, helping developers enhance their development process and system performance.

Target audience: Ideally, you already know about Erlang Term Storage, concurrent Erlang, error handling and maps and records

Experience level:
Intermediate users of Erlang