Build A Binary Clock



Build your own binary clock with Elixir, Livebook, and Nerves. A binary clock is a puzzle for viewers that cryptically represents time using individual LED lights instead of digital numbers. Rather than building an LED circuit yourself, you’ll use a custom printed circuit board custom-built to power the clock. Building the clock in this way gives us a greater opportunity to explore layered design concepts.

Along the way, you’ll explore:

  • Nerves Livebook to experiment with hardware.
  • Read a data sheet to understand how data is transferred and represented on hardware devices
  • Use Elixir’s binaries and for comprehensions to precisely build data
  • Transfer data using a serial peripheral interface (SPI)
  • Build layered software to power your clock.

When you’re done, you’ll get to take your hardware home for more experimentation on your own time.



in person


8 hours


Explore Elixir, Livebook and Nerves with a fun hardware project that you can take home

Intermediate users


Attendees should bring a MacOS or Linux laptop with Elixir installed. USB cables and a MicroSD card reader are recommended. Details will be sent prior to the training.

Experience level: