Jade Allen

Software Developer @ Nova Labs

Jade has been a software developer and dev-ops person for a really long time. She is interested in functional programming, distributed computing and computing history topics. In 2010, she discovered Erlang and has been hooked ever since. Recently, she has been focused more on devops than pure development work, and spends her day in Python, Bash and CLIs (alas).

Code as infrastructure in the BEAM ecosystem

Building applications in the BEAM ecosystem is generally a good developer experience, but dealing with the packaging, deployment and configuration of those applications into operational environments has few best practices and often leads to ad-hoc and manual processes which are fine for small deployments - but completely inadequate for managing a fleet of servers. In this talk, I will share many of the lessons I learned building Erlang releases for both Debian installations and minimally small Docker containers - and how we used ansible to script application configuration, software upgrades and automated deployments into various environments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to:
  • Build minimally small Erlang Docker containers for your application releases,
  • Script application configuration using tools like ansible
  • Manage application upgrades across fleets of infrastructure

Target Audience:

  • People who want to manage BEAM applications running on large sets of infrastructure.