Code as infrastructure in the BEAM ecosystem

Jade Allen


Building applications in the BEAM ecosystem is generally a good developer experience, but dealing with the packaging, deployment and configuration of those applications into operational environments has few best practices and often leads to ad-hoc and manual processes which are fine for small deployments - but completely inadequate for managing a fleet of servers. In this talk, I will share many of the lessons I learned building Erlang releases for both Debian installations and minimally small Docker containers - and how we used ansible to script application configuration, software upgrades and automated deployments into various environments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to:
  • Build minimally small Erlang Docker containers for your application releases,
  • Script application configuration using tools like ansible
  • Manage application upgrades across fleets of infrastructure

Target Audience:

  • People who want to manage BEAM applications running on large sets of infrastructure.

Erlang, devops, learnings