Hayleigh Thompson

Writing Elm @ data2impact, doing dev rel things with with webkid

Hayleigh is an all-round functional programming nerd: she is community manager for Gleam, an active member of the Elm community, and developer of her own language called Ren. At work, she is an experienced frontend Web developer and Elm programmer. Hayleigh is currently completing her doctorate researching programming practice and language design in sound and music computing.

End-to-end Types: Full-stack Web Apps with Gleam

Gleam is a friendly statically typed language that runs on both the BEAM and in the browser. In this talk we’ll see a brief tour of the language, before taking a look at how it was used to build a fun interactive audio application. We’ll explore a typed Phoenix-like setup and demo a multi-user Web Audio app to show off.

Key Takeaways:

    • TL;DR on what Gleam is about
  • Wait, why are types good again?
  • You can build all that in pure Gleam?!

Target Audience:

  • Phoenix developers that wished they didn’t have to switch contexts to write some client code.
  • Anyone who’s gone to get a coffee while Dialyzer does its thing.
  • Web developers that want something simpler than TypeScript.
  • Hipsters that want to say they knew about Gleam before it was cool.
  • You’ve heard the legend of ““fearless refactoring”” and you want to see if it’s real.