Adi Iyengar

Senior Software Engineer, TDD Enthusiast

Adi is a Senior Software Engineer who is passionate about Test Driven Development and functional programming. He was lucky to start off as an Elixir developer and has been using Elixir in production since 2015. He enjoys finding ways of making software more deterministic and easy to work on.

Adi is also currently working on a book for Packt which talks through building a web framework in Elixir. He also spends his time organizing Boston Elixir meetups, mentoring people new to Software development, and selling Elixir to them.

The pillars of Metaprogramming in Elixir

Elixir relies quite heavily on metaprogramming. We use metaprogramming features in elixir regularly, sometimes without even knowing. In this talk, I will explain some Elixir constructs which help you better understand how metaprogramming works in Elixir.