SeqEx: Building a MIDI Sequencer with Elixir

Dino Costa


In this session we’ll start by exploring how MIDI messages are structured. We’ll then explore the midiex ( library and understand how Elixir’s binary pattern-matching can help us easily write and read these MIDI messages. Finally, we’ll discuss how we can leverage the GenServer pattern, together with Phoenix LiveView, to build a MIDI sequencer that can be used by everyone to make some music 🎵

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore more art-related uses of programming
  • Better understanding of applications of the GenServer pattern
  • Overview of how we can leverage Phoenix’s PubSub and LiveView to build a real-time interactive UI

Target Audience: People that are interested in talks that maybe don’t apply so much to their day to day work, but that might pique their interest for different areas where Elixir could eventually be applied.

PubSub, Collaborative, Musical