Refactoring Made Easy

Alan Zimmerman


From small projects to large monorepos, refactoring plays a crucial role in ensuring the maintainability, the extensibility and the overall code quality of a codebase. Codemods allow developers to write scripts that define patterns and transformations across a codebase, reducing the manual effort involved in refactoring.

In this talk we present a number of tools and techniques that can assist you in tackling the complexities of refactoring Erlang code and improving code maintainability. We discuss how to combine the concepts of refactoring and codemods with the power of diagnostics and code actions (quick fixes) in the IDE.

By using practical examples, we show how to implement a refactor, a linter and the respective fix by using a brand new framework which you can use in multiple contexts, from the IDE to the CLI, at industrial scale.

Key Takeaways:

  • Writing your own refactors, lints and codemods is not just for rocket scientists.

Target Audience:

  • End users, and people who write or use language tools

Refactoring,Tools, Development