Introducing Bondy: The IoT, Web and Mobile Platform


Bondy is an open source, always-on and scaleable application networking platform connecting all elements of a distributed application—offering service and event mesh capabilities combined such as service authentication, fine-grained authorisation, service discovery, routed remote procedure calls (RPC) and publish/subscribe.

From web and mobile apps to IoT devices and backend microservices, Bondy allows everything to talk using an open, simple and secured application networking protocol that provides two-way communications and peer-2-peer programming model (WAMP - the Web Application Messaging Protocol).

Bondy is written in Erlang and uses Partisan for scalable clustering and distribution.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how Bondy offers an alternative approach to building distributed applications, removing the complexity of integrating countless infrastructure components, protocols, and clients found within the CNCF ecosystem.
  • Learn how Bondy enables new forms of distributed application interactions through a peer-to-peer programming model and how it solves the reverse-VPN problem for cloud-to-edge communication.
  • Understand key Bondy concepts, such as Realms, routed RPC, Pub/Sub, and API Gateways.
  • Learn how to use Bondy through a hands-on demonstration. Discover Bondy’s roadmap.

Target Audience:

  • Developers who want to rediscover the joy of developing distributed applications.
  • Developers who are searching for a real-time, two-way communication solution that works across the whole stack (front, back and embedded).
  • Managers interested in increasing time-to-market and developer morale.
  • BEAM developers interested in contributing to an OSS project.

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