Growing New Chemists and Alchemists: Building Elixir Teams

Bruce Tate

Paulo Valim


2024 is the year of BEAM adoption. In order to have the best possible success, we must bring this platform to a broader audience, but most of us don’t know how.

Though BEAM talent is sometimes hard to find, by expanding your hiring pool by growing your own talent, you can successfully build a team with a variety of useful skills. However, training does not always come naturally to developers.

By using the same techniques that taught Chemistry to tens of thousands of students across Brazil and programming to thousands of developers and teams around the world, you will learn specific techniques to capture the interest of your students. Your lessons will take hold sooner and last longer.

Above all, you will have fun.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand what techniques make training more successful.
  • Learn to employ the same techniques that professional trainers and high school teachers already know.
  • See how to employ LiveBook and other tools to help developers encounter their own breakthroughs.

Target Audience:

  • All Elixir teams

adoption, teaching, livebook