Exploring BEAM European community


This talk focuses on analyzing the profiles of European BEAM developers, companies and academia.

We will delve into BEAM developer profiles, uncovering how they discovered and adopted these languages, and the diverse contexts in which they utilize them. Furthermore, we will consider factors such as work experience, gender, demographics, LGBTI representation, and other relevant elements to understand the diversity within the BEAM development community.

Moreover, we will explore the motivations behind companies and academia adopting BEAM languages, addressing the challenges they face in this process, from resistance to change to training needs and integration with existing systems. Additionally, we will assess the impact these languages have on organizations, including improvements in productivity, software quality, and scalability.

Key Takeaways:

  • The aim of this talk is to provide insights into the world of BEAM development, focusing on European developers.

Target Audience:

  • Everyone who wants to know more about our community.

Survey, BEAM community, overview