EGG: Evolve your Game with Gleam

Kero van Gelder


Our games are a Board with Pawns and a set of Rules. Formally, our model. We can make changes to our model, while games are running, moreover, some of those changes can be applied to the running games. This allows immediate feedback from user-interaction, while still developing your game.

A model needs to be well-defined. For this the type-safety of Gleam is very welcome.

Our games run on Erlang, the first target of Gleam. Our game editors and players can use a browser: JavaScript is the other target of Gleam.

Demo and lots of Gleam code included!

Key Takeaways:

  • Model-Driven-Development gives you the means to reason about your programs.
  • Gleam is an awesome BEAM language. But wait, there is more! It is also an awesome JS language, which makes e.g. JS client <-> Erlang server communication smooth.

Target Audience:

  • Anyone interested in Gleam, Model-Driven-Development, boardgames

Gleam, Model-Driven-Development, Boardgames