Building and Growing the Community

Njoki Kiarie

Sigu Magwa


We have spent a couple of years recruiting, training and engaging community members into elixir. The community has grown and remained active throughout the years since its inception. We believe that expanding the ecosystem fuels innovation, enhances flexibility, improves productivity, enables specialised solutions, fosters diverse communities, and promotes continuous learning

Our goal is to get the community members to be able to compete internationally and also by upskilling so that the Kenyan ecosystem can adopt elixir now that we have more developers using Elixir. We have encouraging results so far :-)

we want to share our experience on how we grew this community, what we did - right and wrong and our future plans

Key Takeaways:

  • You can help grow the ecosystem
  • You have enough knowledge to make a difference
  • Consistency wins

diversity, opportunity, community