Barrel, a decentralized data platform to take back the control of your data

Benoit Chesneau


Along the years have built and provided to our customers a moderne decentralized platform which next iteration will be fully opensource. With barrel you can easily pass, filter and control the data between on-premise or cloud sites using a Peer-To-Peer network built over HTTP and other web technologies like WASM. You can also subscribe to different data stream using using AQMP, MQTT, Websockets, Server-Sent-Events.

The data is always under your control and sites even when using our service hosted in different datacenters in our own hardware.

With barrel we created and continue to maintain different opensource libraries and projects used by the Erlang Ecosystem: rocksbd binding, hackney, erlang nat, certifi… .. In this talk we will show how to use Barrel and its core opensource foundations in your own projects, why we build it in Erlang and how w’ expect to maintain this opensource product and the different libraries we have built along the years.


  1. Present a product using moderne technologies and innovations built in Erlang
  2. Show how to use of the different opensource libraries we provide in Erlang for the Erlang ecosystem
  3. Invite people to help us and contribute to improve this opensource project and the libraries we have built


Any developers from the Erlang ecosystem interested in data and decentralised platform but also those who are interested by the libraries we have built and discover or improve the usage of them.

Innovation, Erlang, Data, P2P