Sebastian Weddmark Olsson

Tech Lead In Working Group Two, Doing Telco Stuff

First encountered Erlang in university, and got hooked on it ever since. Worked as an Erlang developer in multiple industries in companies of different sizes. What really tickles me is trying to understand how protocols work.

Other hobbies include coding (not necessarily in Erlang; anyone mentioned COBOL?), and ingesting beers, going to concerts and festivals, especially if there is metal of the darker kind involved.

Bits and Pieces

You like specifications, protocols, codecs, or arbitrary binary strings? Then this session is for you. The session will go through the mindset and tooling for investigating how to bring arbitrary unknown bitstrings to messages with meaning, and why Erlang is a really good fit for it. At last OTC, a library for for decoding certain telecom protocols and messages, will be presented. There will be a bunch of acronyms in this talk because the telecom industry really likes them, but similar to complex binaries, all those acronyms can be debunked: don’t be afraid.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increased curiosity when encountering bytes and bitstrings, and means to figure out the meaning of them.