Norbert Melzer

Senior Software Developer at BravoBike GmbH

NobbZ’ passion for programming began in the late 1980s when he animated ASCII characters on his dad’s C64. Since then, he has been deeply immersed in programming. The lack of functional programming aspects in Ruby led him to Erlang during his university days, and he has remained close to BEAM languages ever since. NobbZ currently works at BravoBike, enhancing the process management software written in Elixir. When seeing code, he either admires its beauty or sees opportunities for refactoring and improving, which is rooted in his helpful nature. His helpfulness extends to his personal life, where he cares for his family or relaxes from his programming job by programming

Reproducible BEAM Deployments with nix

Mix or rebar alone do not necessarily produce reproducable artifacts. As they do depend on the system where they run on. Docker at least mitigates the problem with the system libraries, though is it reproducible? No, this is where “nix” comes into place, which allows us to have really reproducible builds. Which can be deployed in various ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mix and rebar do their job well for many things, though not for reproducable builds. And Docker can make them at least “replayable”.
  • There are so many more tools out in the wild, that do a better job on really reproducable builds. of which one is “nix”.

Target Audience:

  • Open minded “Ops” and “DevOps” persons, as well as developers who wish for a more “pord like development environment”