Michał Muskała

Software Engineer at WhatsApp

Michał is a long-term Elixir and Erlang enthusiast, recently working from London at WhatsApp to improve developer productivity and engineering efficiency.

In the past, Michał was involved with many Elixir libraries, including Ecto and Jason, and was an Elixir core-team member. His interest in the BEAM focuses around performance and efficiency, proving that functional doesn’t mean slow.

When not programming, he enjoys reading, travelling, and sailing - no matter if sunny, rainy or stormy. It’s even better if all of those are combined!

Engineering json - Achieving Top Performance on the BEAM

OTP 27 includes a new module for handling JSON. It provides performance significantly exceeding existing pure-Erlang and Elixir libraries, and sometimes even beating NIFs written in C. Furthermore, it offers a more flexible and adaptable API which allows for new applications. In this talk, we’ll have a brief look at the new module, and explore how it was possible to achieve the speed and flexibility it offers. We’ll look at various tips & tricks for building performant Erlang and Elixir libraries and finally, we’ll explore tools that can be used to aid in that.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use the new json module from OTP 27
  • How to build high performance libraries in Erlang & Elixir
  • What tools can be used to understand performance on the BEAM

Target Audience:

  • Erlang & Elixir engineers interested in understanding the performance intricacies of the BEAM, likely engineers with more experience with the platform, rather than total beginners.