Lars Wikman

Founder of Underjord

Lars & Underjord have been a part of the Elixir community for about six years at this point. The loudest swede in Elixir. With blogging, newsletters, videos, podcasts, speaking and code you might have seen him around. As someone who thrives with variety he has touched almost every part of Elixir and the ecosystem. Now his sights are set on hardware. Focusing in on Nerves it is time to share a lot more about upcoming ventures for Lars, for Underjord and what that might mean for Nerves and Elixir.

The Nerves Community Fleet

Underjord is very excited to bring you the latest and greatest in Nerves. Expect practical demos, international participation and hopefully we can blow the lid off of what you thought Nerves can do for you.

Target Audience:

  • All developers