Kamil Kowalski

Lead Architect @ Fresha, warsaw.ex organizer

Software engineer, open-source contributor, organizer of the warsaw.ex meetup, IoT enthusiast. Loves building software that makes life easier. Currently Lead Architect at Fresha - helped the company adopt Elixir, migrate towards a service-oriented architecture, and introduce extensive application monitoring. Drinks way too much coffee, then complains he’s twitchy.

Monitoring Elixir With OpenTelemetry

There are many application performance monitoring products on the market. Most of them use a dedicated library to instrument your application, which reduces software reusability and interoperability. OpenTelemetry defines a standard way of collecting application traces, metrics, and logs, that is vendor- and language-agnostic. Since OpenTelemetry became stable in early 2021, I’d like to review its Elixir support and share my experience with monitoring Elixir applications at scale.