Ingela Andin

Senior Erlang/OTP Core Developer

Ingela studied Computer Science at Uppsala University. She worked as an Erlang Consultant and Erlang/OTP educator during her first years at Ericsson. This involved things as mobile phone simulation, Multi protocol label switching (AXD 301) and SGSN (more Telecom). When Erlang Solutions took over consulting and training Ingela joined the Erlang/OTP development team and she has been part of the team since then. Working with several aspect of Erlang/OTP application development with a focus on security protocols and data communication.

Building Trust in Open Networks

TLS (Transport Layer Security previous known as SSL) is used widely to accomplish privacy, integrity and authenticity over open networks. This talk focuses on the authenticity part and the challenges, tradeoffs and pitfalls we faced in the Erlang/OTP team implementing and testing this functionality providing it for a wide range of users in many different business areas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Better understanding of the certificates used for TLS authenticity and how to use it in Erlang.

Target Audience:

  • Anyone that needs to deal with network security, especially those using TLS and x509-certificates.

Update from the OTP Team

Ingela will present the updates on what the OTP team has done in the last few months, what the projects they’re working on are, and what’s going on on the research side.