Dmitry Russ

Lead Engineer @ Appian

Dmitry is a German-based long-time Elixir developer(before that used Erlang), started to use Elixir in 2012. Currently he works at Appian, where he works on Process Mining product. Before Appian he worked on expert systems and distributed telecommunication systems in different companies. Author of open source libraries (Exrun, Dlex, Mariaex), contributed to Elixir (initial maps syntax implementation, initial leex, yecc compilers and others). Currently interested in statistical analysis and data processing.

Building Analytic Systems with Elixir

This is a case study and discussion about state of the art for developing analytical systems with Elixir. Multiple years we are working on Process Mining products with Elixir, using and experimenting with different technologies (Clickhouse, MariaDB column storage, DuckDB, KDB+, Polars). This talk is about problems, design decisions and challenges on the way, like developing in-house ecto-like framework, explaining what you can’t achieve with SQL and why you might look into lower-level technology like Polars & KDB+, ending with trying to show-case some example functionalities on top of Elixir Explorer and comparing them with Python.