David Lucia

Kept Elixirin', CTO @ Bitfo

Dave is a software engineer living in Long Island, New York with his wife, two Pomeranians, and baby boy.


Accessible Time-Series data with TimescaleDB

Timeseries data is everywhere! Whether you’re tracking application metrics, financial price information, or IOT sensor data, having an effective means to store, analyze, and display this can add value to any product. However, having an accessible timeseries database can be a challenge, with many proprietary databases requiring licenses, infrastructure costs and maintenance. TimescaleDB is an open-source alternative that is simply a Postgres extension, a database that many developers are already using. In this talk, we will look at what problems are needed out of a Timeseries database, and how TimescaleDB can help you solve these problems with familiar tools that are easily accessible on the BEAM.


  1. Teach the audience where they might encounter timeseries data in their product
  2. Introduce TimescaleDB, how you can deploy it to your existing Postgres deployment
  3. Share ways of leveraging the unique features of timescale DB, including compression, continuous aggregates, and other features to build interesting applications on top of this data platform.


Developers who may have timeseries data in their product, but have no found effective ways to utilize it, or are struggling with scaling timeseries aggregations