Bruno Ripa

Architect at Erlang Solutions

Bruno Ripa is a software engineer that has worked in multiple markets like mobile gaming, big data, digital assets management, analytics, fintech in different places (London, Barcelona, Italy) and with experience in many languages (C/C++, Python, Go, Java, Javascript). He’s actually working as an Elixir contractor in the IoT market, primarily focusing on architecture but contributing to infrastructure, deployment, and frontend. If he’s not struggling to write any blog post or article he’s probably reading about some new tool and/or technology that will cause him to struggle to write about it.

From the ground to the stars

One of the hardest decisions that a startup has to make is which technology stack to adopt in order to maximize productivity, minimize time to market, and also create values like tech culture and vision that naturally become some of the most important company assets.

In this talk we’ll see why Albora Technologies has adopted Elixir to translate its deep scientific knowledge into a cloud framework to successfully validate the project idea and deliver a disruptive solution in the assets geolocation market.