Andres Ruiz

Software Engineer at Quality Bits

Andres is a US Educated, Colombian born software engineer with 10+ years of experience getting computers to solve human problems. In his career, he’s had the opportunity to work for companies like Amazon, Reddit and Spotify, and startups like Hubs, Unidex and, which has given him the necessary soft skills to impart his ideas onto others. Andres is obsessed with Elixir, but he’s well versed in Golang, Python and Java, as well as several databases. He loves testing and high quality software, as well as open source.

Latin America and the Elixir of life

Do you feel like you can’t contain your excitement when someone mentions Elixir? Like you can’t stop talking and want to teach everyone about it? Like the world must know there’s a better way to do things? Well, Andres felt the same way. That’s why he decided to start traveling around Colombia and Latin America to teach everyone that wanted to listen. From Costa Rica, to Uruguay, Andres has given multiple talks, created online and in-person courses and organized multiple bootcamps, all revolving around Elixir. In this session, He will be talking about his love for the language and his mission to teach the world about it. From the 2-men shop that increased productivity by switching to Elixir, to the programmer who was bored and depressed with their React job and now are happier than ever in BEAM-world, Andres will share his experience and how anyone can do the same.

Target Audience:

  • Decision-makers and seasoned developers who want to share their Elixir knowledge with the world.