From Zero to Hero with Elixir

Andrea Leopardi




Elixir can be a demanding programming language to learn. Developers who are coming from object-oriented languages have new concepts to learn, such as modelling programs in a functional way and working with processes and message passing.

In this training day, new Elixir developers will get to lay a firm foundation, presenting all of the core concepts in Elixir.

They’ll learn to code and test, from the ground up. They’ll start with Elixir datatypes, including maps, structs, tuples, and other primitives. Then, they’ll move on to core concepts like using recursion, building higher order functions, composing with pipes, processes, and organising that code into modules.

Once we’re through those concepts, we’ll build a chatroom on the concurrency concepts that you should know, and if we have enough time, we’ll use Erlang’s OTP. This is a hands-on tutorial, the best way to teach these new concepts is with tests, and have students make those tests pass.

This is a lab-focused training day so come ready to to do a lot of programming and a lot of learning.

Experience level: