Mastering Liveview



LiveView empowers developers and teams to be highly productive by keeping your brain firmly focused on the server-side. Backed by OTP, it brings a fast and fault-tolerant UI to your web apps and enables you to build complex interactive and real-time features easily. In this training, you’ll master the tools you need to be a productive LiveView developer.

Over the course of the day, you’ll build out a real LiveView application and learn how LiveView works under the hood to support interactive UIs, how to build basic forms, how to make your forms more advanced with live uploads, how to secure your LiveViews with live sessions and LifeView lifecycle hooks, how to design layered UIs with components, how to test your LiveViews, how to support advanced client-side interactions with the JS commands API, and how to integrate PubSub into your live views for real-time functionality.

You’ll get hands-on experience by pairing up with your classmates to iteratively build out a set of features into a real LiveView app, interspersed with brief lectures and code samples from your instructors.





8 hours


Students will understand how LiveView works under the hood to support real-time, interactive UIs and be prepared to write LiveView professionally by the end of this course.


Intermediate users


Latest versions of Elixir and Phoenix installed

Experience level: