Building a front-end without the front-end: Reusable and Dynamic Phoenix.LiveView Components

Łukasz Pauszek



Take a deep dive into LiveView with this tutorial for Phoenix Developers.

During this training you will learn how to create LiveView components from scratch or based on some CoreComponents, making it dynamic, interactive and reusable. On top of that, you will learn how to use attributes and slots, and how to write good documentation for your component.

You will learn how to perform actions based on changes in the state, as well as different techniques on storing state between calls. Topics covered include not so obvious ways to deal with attributes, styles, dynamic styles, and using a component inside a LiveView application.

Training objectives:

  1. Understanding of Phoenix.CoreComponents and custom components
  2. Understanding of components styling and dynamic styling
  3. Component attributes

Training prerequisites:

Developers who have a basic understanding of Phoenix and Sequential Elixir Programming. Attendees should be familiar with topics such as GenServer, Websockets, and the basics of HEEx. No LiveView knowledge is necessary.

Experience level:
Beginners and Intermediate Phoenix Developers