What the Shell - Prototyping with LLMs

Fredrik Frantzen


With OTP-26 we’ve launched a number of improvements to the shell that we hope is appreciated by the Erlang Community.

  • Multiline expressions
  • Function definitions
  • Module creation (26.1)
  • Type completions
  • Keyboard shortcut configurations (26.1) This presentation introducers these features by initiating a conversation with ChatGPT erlang module in the shell, to write functions for some kind of app. Copy pasting the function definition response with a -spec into the shell, maybe even a couple of tests. We will iteratively complete the function or app with the help of ChatGPT, tracing, type completions and open an external editor (VSCode) connected to LSP.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to prototype Erlang modules and apps in the shell using new shell features, with the help of LLMs or StackOverflow.

Target Audience:

  • Developers using the shell to prototype their apps.

Prototyping with LLMs