LiveView: Best Practices for Building Real-Time Interactive Interfaces

Herminio Torres


In this talk, we will explore the best practices for using LiveView to build real-time interactive interfaces. We will cover fundamental concepts such as context, live components and function components, a single source of truth, and send_update. Additionally, we will discuss the approach of scoped CSS and its benefits in LiveView applications.

Key Takeaways:

  • Effective utilization of context: Learn how to leverage context in LiveView to enhance code organization and facilitate reusability.
  • Choose between live components and function components: Understand the differences and use cases of live components and function components, enabling you to make informed decisions when selecting the appropriate component type.
  • Embrace the single source of truth: Implement a centralized data source to ensure consistency and reliability in real-time interfaces, simplifying development and maintenance.
  • Harness the send_update function: Discover the potential of the send_update function for dynamically updating LiveView components, and learn best practices for its efficient and secure usage.
  • Scoped CSS for improved modularity: Implement scoped CSS to avoid style conflicts and enhance the modularity of your LiveView applications.
  • Deliver engaging real-time experiences: Apply the best practices learned throughout the talk to create dynamic, responsive interfaces that provide captivating real-time experiences for users.”

Target Audience:

  • This talk is aimed at web developers and front-end and back-end engineers who are familiar with LiveView and interested in deepening their knowledge and learning best practices for building real-time interactive interfaces.

Innovative, Practical, Empowering