End-to-end Types: Full-stack Web Apps with Gleam


Gleam is a friendly statically typed language that runs on both the BEAM and in the browser. In this talk we’ll see a brief tour of the language, before taking a look at how it was used to build a fun interactive audio application. We’ll explore a typed Phoenix-like setup and demo a multi-user Web Audio app to show off.

Key Takeaways:

    • TL;DR on what Gleam is about
  • Wait, why are types good again?
  • You can build all that in pure Gleam?!

Target Audience:

  • Phoenix developers that wished they didn’t have to switch contexts to write some client code.
  • Anyone who’s gone to get a coffee while Dialyzer does its thing.
  • Web developers that want something simpler than TypeScript.
  • Hipsters that want to say they knew about Gleam before it was cool.
  • You’ve heard the legend of ““fearless refactoring”” and you want to see if it’s real.

Types, Web, Audio