Bringing OpenCV to the Elixir world


Evision is an Elixir library that brings OpenCV into Elixir. It uses code to generate NIFs that cover most OpenCV modules in the main OpenCV repo. In this way, it largely reduces the amount of time manually porting OpenCV to Elixir. Most importantly, it allows people to do computer vision with the most widely used library and has the potential to build their computer vision machine learning pipelines in Elixir.

Talk objectives:

  • How I approached bringing OpenCV into Elixir.
  • An Evision demo (to show how to use it).
  • How it can be integrated with Nx.
  • Areas to focus on for bringing machine vision to Elixir.
  • An early showcase using it on a robot that automatically navigates in a room.

Target audience

  • For people who are interested in doing computer vision with Elixir and seeking a way of building their own computer vision machine learning pipelines in Elixir.