Nikola Begedin

Elixir enthusiast. Actual fan of JavaScript. Remote worker since before it was cool.

Started out as a .NET developer, expanded into JS, replaced .NET with Ruby, added Ember, replaced Ruby with Elixir, replaced Ember with React and then Vue. Sticking with Elixir for the time being. Trying to do other stuff along the way.

Building a block-based editor in Phoenix LiveView

The block-based, or possibly better known as Notion-style editor is currently one of the more popular approaches in building WYSWYG editors. It’s powerful, but also strictly structured, which makes it more predictable. This is an overview of what it takes to build something similar, in Phoenix LiveView.

Talk objectives:

  • Provide an overview of how a block-style editor is structured, and what the problems and solutions are when it’s built in Phoenix LiveView.

Target audience:

  • Anyone interested in Phoenix LiveView, people who would like to build a blog site in Phoenix, people with some .js experience.