Michał Muskała

Software Engineer @ WhatsApp

Software engineer @ WhatsApp focusing on supporting Erlang and Erlang tooling for internal users. Involved with the open-source erlfmt & eqWAlizer projects. He also contributes to multiple independent open source projects including Elixir and OPT and maintains some of his own including Jason - the most popular project on hex.pm.

When not programming, he enjoys reading, travelling, and sailing - no matter if sunny, rainy or stormy. It’s even better if all of those are combined!

Erlang Language Platform: Revolutionizing the Erlang Development Experience

In this talk we unveil the “Erlang Language Platform” (in short “ELP”), a groundbreaking, open-source project poised to transform the development experience for the Erlang programming language.

Designed at WhatsApp and inspired by the success of the Rust Analyzer project, ELP is a compiler front-end for Erlang providing a scalable, fully incremental, IDE-first library for the semantic analysis of Erlang code. By implementing support for the LSP protocol, ELP acts as a next-generation language server, revolutionizing the way developers write, debug and maintain Erlang Code.

In this talk we provide a high-level introduction to the project, discover what is necessary for a good interactive compiler and how it differs from more traditional compilers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover how this next-generation tool will enhance Erlang development workflows, offering real-time feedback, intelligent auto-completion and comprehensive code navigation, while opening to a world of possibilities, from linting to refactoring.

Target Audience:

  • Erlang enthusiasts, software engineers, anyone who is curious about the future of Erlang development.