Michal Buszkiewicz

CTO & Founder @ Curiosum

Michal has used Elixir for several years to help businesses grow and tutored many developers in the trade - overall, he’s a good guy with a slightly weird sense of humour. Currently focusing on the growth and technological development of Curiosum, a Polish software house with Elixir at its very core.

Debugging Elixir Code - The Tools, The Mindset

In a perfect world, debugging wouldn’t exist.

It’s not a perfect world, and we have to deal with bugs and tackle them. Elixir and Erlang have plenty to offer in this area - with tools and approaches that are sometimes little-known and overlooked.

We’ll talk about the state-of-art Elixir debugging tools, and how we can utilize them and approach debugging efficiently - as well as point out how the language could improve on this.