Meryl Dakin

Founding engineer @ Knock

Meryl is a founding engineer at Knock where she enjoys working fullstack to create a delightful and powerful notification system (so you don’t have to). She has been working on production Elixir applications since 2018; previously she worked primarily in Ruby. She is a bootcamp grad and former teacher at the Flatiron School.

Good behaviour: cultivating healthy Elixir teams and codebases

This talk is about how we as Elixir developers and managers can use our tool most effectively. As an Elixir developer who’s worked at three companies at varying stages of using the language, I cover practices of adoption and maintainability I’ve seen work best. We’ll look at an organization adopting it for microservices, a legacy codebase rebuilt from Ruby, and a startup using Elixir for its greenfield application. We’ll delve into best practices around testing, context organization, macros, Ecto, and more. IC’s and managers will come away with tangible strategies to develop processes and organize their work so the codebase remains flexible and coherent for the future of the product.


To share best practices with organizations and individuals at any level of Elixir adoption to maintain a healthy codebase and aligned team


Elixir enthusiasts who are encouraging adoption on their team, developers on legacy codebases looking at how to standardize, managers working to onboard IC’s new to Elixir, anyone interested in best practices on production Elixir applications