Marlus Saraiva

Creator of Broadway, Surface and ElixirSense

Marlus Saraiva is a Software Engineer with over 20 years of experience building systems and leading teams to deliver products in different domains and technologies. His work ranges from enterprise finance/accounting systems to open-source tools. Marlus currently enjoys being part of the R&D team at Dashbit creating exciting things like Broadway and Surface.

Introducing Surface - A new component-based library for Phoenix

Surface is a new library built on top of Phoenix LiveView that aims to help developers build interactive, real-time web applications using a more intuitive and component-friendly approach. Heavily inspired by other popular technologies like React and Vue.js, Surface brings some of the best features of those frameworks into the Phoenix world. In this talk, we'll discuss the main benefits of this new approach, the key concepts behind it and how it can improve productivity and maintainability