Flora Petterson

Technical writer at Revelry, puppeteer

Flora is a technical writer at Revelry who started learning Elixir to edit an article. Always curious, she is a second-generation puppeteer who built physics demonstrations in college. She lives in her hometown of New Orleans, where she likes camping, reading, and playing board games with her family.

Build animatronics with Nerves

The Nerves platform, framework, and tooling provide a highly specialized environment for using Elixir to build advanced embedded devices in industries worldwide. But can Nerves also make a puppet dance?

In this talk, I’ll share my experience as a second-generation puppeteer building interactive animatronics with Nerves. If you’ve ever wanted to automate a lawn decoration, create a haunted house in your garage, or code a small, silly project to give someone joy during a challenging time, this talk may be for you.


Anyone interested in Nerves, IoT, or puppetry