Esteban Ibarra

Let compilers save your code

Esteban Ibarra is a software engineer currently working at Stack Builders. He is an open-source enthusiast and he has contributed to different libraries and languages. He is constantly learning about functional programming, typed languages and more technologies that allow us to build better and safer software. During his free time, he enjoy playing guitar, walking in different landscapes like forests or mountains and also playing board games with his friends.

A safer Elixir

Writing error-free code has been the developer’s dream but with growing codebases, there’s not always enough time to think of all edge cases and, as years go by, you get back to this code and think: “Maybe it’s a good idea to refactor this”. Refactoring can be tedious and risky depending on how big this process might be.

In this talk, we’ll see how we can write safer code in Elixir, using the built-in features of the language, and how this can help us improve the maintenance of the codebase.