Daniil Fedotov

Staff Software Engineer @ Ockam Cloud

Daniil is an Elixir engineer in Ockam currently based in Candada. He has worked on mobile data synchronisation and messaging. Worked as a core contributor to RabbitMQ message broker. Implemented end-to-end message delivery systems. Currently working in Ockam on Cloud services and message delivery layer of Ockam messaging.

Secure end-to-end messaging in Elixir and others using Ockam

Applications in Web and IoT communicate using messages with cloud services and other applications. With the rise of cloud services complexity and edge computing, the paths of these messages are getting more complex.

In such a system it could be challenging to provide confidentiality and authentication of messages.

In this talk we discuss approaches and tools to enable end-to-end security properties for trusted messaging.


  • Discuss the challenge of securing communication over multiple network steps.
  • Introduce tools to achieve end-to-end secure messaging.
  • Demonstrate integrating end-to-end encryption in typical Web and IoT messaging topologies


  • Cloud platform developers
  • IoT/Web application developers